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Boat Tools to Always Have Handy

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Are you a boater who needs to know what tools to keep on a boat for both routine and emergency repairs? Mabru Power Systems, manufacturers of the top-performance marine air conditioners on the market, know that this can be a point of worry for boaters as they take the next step and start to spend more time on their vessels. Our team has years of experience in the industry and, as such, knows how important the proper boat tools can be for both maintenance and safety. If you are looking for insight into how to be well-prepared, look no further.  

Boat Repair Tools to Keep at All Times

If you’re trying to make the best marine tool kit you can, it is important to have everything needed for both planned and on-the-fly repairs. This should be extensive and available whenever it might be needed. The best boat tools of this sort are:

  • Zip ties: This may seem like an odd requirement for nautical repairs, but the truth is that many of the same repairs you would need to do for your home and its appliances will be on a boat. It is better to be prepared for the worst when expecting the best.
  • All-purpose screwdrivers: Most appliances in today’s world are held together by screws. It is because of this that screwdrivers should always be an essential part of any boating tools kit. The screws themselves can vary, however, so it is important to have an all-purpose tool that can be detached at the top to accommodate the specific screw.
  • Multiple-sized pliers: The items on a boat are meant to be held together very tightly so as to render every aspect of a cabin damage-proof. If there is ever a time when you need to make a repair on one of these items, then it is important to have a set of pliers in your toolbox.
  • Ratchet: These are handy in a pinch. Just as with the screwdriver and pliers, you’re going to need these to get the perfect fit for multiple possible variations. Be prepared, and it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Multi-meter: When it comes to boat tools for repairs, it is best to have a tool that can diagnose electrical problems before they ever even happen. This tool will be able to identify any electrical errors ahead of time and keep you ahead of the curb for any needed repairs.

Not all tools for a boat are designed to be used in times when repairs are necessary or an inspection is due. Sometimes the best boat tools to have handy are those which can be used during an emergency and used during or after an emergency.

Best Boat Tools to Have on a Boat for Safety

While tools for a boat to have handy for repairs are very important to ensuring the longevity of your vessel, safety should always be key. These are the tools for boat owners to always have available should they find themselves in a situation where their well-being is put at stake.

  • Tow lines: If you’re ever caught in a situation where you are dead in the water, be sure to pull out some of these tow lines and radio in for help! These will allow you to clamp onto another vessel and will be your ticket out of a jam.
  • A rigging knife: A knife can be handy for several reasons, especially on a sailboat which will have more ropes to deal with than a speed or motorboat. This is one of the world’s most time-tested and trusted tools, and it is for a good reason.  
  • Waterproof flashlight: If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to be able to see or survey an area of water when it is either dark or nightfall, then a flashlight is a must. Being that you’re going to be doing this on the water, it is important to make sure it is waterproof and can withstand what the ocean has to offer.
  • Jumper cables: Motors for both cars and boats are similar in some ways, namely, in that a jump can usually be the cure for a stalled engine. Simply radio in for assistance from a nearby boater and jump-start your engine whenever you’re in a pinch.
  • Fire extinguisher: A fire on a vessel can be scary. Being ready to put one out by having the proper equipment is a must. It is paramount to have many different types of extinguishers, namely one being specialized for electrical fires.
  • Flares and a flare gun: Although very rare, a dangerous situation on a boat can occur. If you find yourself in a situation where you are in dire need of assistance and have exhausted any hope of being able to care for the situation with your other boat tools, a flare gun and flare can be the savior you need. Efficiently alerting fellow boaters that you are in distress is sure to spur some help from a nearby vessel and be your ticket to safety.

Keep safe and always be prepared for the worst when you are experiencing the best time. Remember, being overly prepared is not a thing when you’re out on the water.

Marine Air Systems to Keep You Calm and Cool

Any of the boat tools for repairs are perfect for dealing with issues on a boat. When you’re out on the water enjoying a pleasant day, it is better to pre-prepare by having the best equipment around so that repairs are minimal. The Mabru air conditioning units are perfect for keeping your cabin cooled and comfortable for a long time and with minimal repairs necessary. 

See our full list of products today, or find a dealer near you to get the perfect marine air conditioning unit now. Interested in learning more about our products, industry, or anything else related to boating? Take a look at some of our other articles or reach out to our team to speak directly to the experts.

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