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Must-Know Legal Information for Living on a Boat

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If you are planning on living on a boat full time instead of being a weekend enthusiast, you’re going to need to know all the legal information necessary that goes into making a nautical vessel your primary residence. There is much to cover, from the legality of the switch to the proper places to call your new neighborhoods, and Mabru Power Systems is here to explain it all. Our team has years of experience in the industry as marine air conditioning experts. Here we will not be covering the typical points in a guide to living on a boat. Instead, we will discuss the must-know legal information that will be an essential part of the puzzle.

What to Know Before Living on a Boat Full Time

When boaters decide to live aboard boats, it is a big change. This is not just because they will be changing their domicile status and how much space they will have but also because they will need to know what changes are coming and how to tackle them. These are the essential points to have completely covered when living on a boat:

  • IRS Necessities: Not every boat will be considered a liveaboard boat by the government until it includes certain utilities. Your new water-bound home must include a station for cooking, a reasonable sleeping area, and toilet facilities on board.
  • Address: The address of your new home will be dependent on whether you are living on a boat in a marina or not. If you are housed at a marina, then the marina should include all the necessary postage areas where you can receive and send mail. If you are not stationed in a marina, then it is highly recommended that you investigate the possibility of renting a P.O. box at a nearby post office or similar facility.
  • Insurance: When you are living on a boat, it is important to make a transition in the form of insurance level. Treat this as your primary residence and insure it just as thoroughly as you would your previous traditional home. You will want to have full coverage and complete security in case of times of misfortune.
  • Taxes: There are many benefits to having your vessel as a primary residence, one such example being the tax benefits you will receive. You can now list the vessel as your primary residence and receive the appropriate tax deductions for listing it as such.

As stated above, it is important to consider living in a marina rather than the open water, not just for reasons of postage but also because of safety, electrical, and assistance concerns. The concept is easy enough to understand, but finding the right marina may be more difficult than you thought for reasons you may not have considered.

Liveaboard Marina: An Essential Distinction

Most people who find themselves in the position of living on a boat will be looking to marinas as a sort of neighborhood of like-minded people. There is, however, an important distinction between liveaboard marinas and ones that function more as a storage space for enthusiasts of boating.

Liveaboard marinas are distinct from others in that they not only allow people to claim vessels on their property as primary residences but also because they will have the needed facilities for maximum comfort and safety.

Investigate several marinas thoroughly and find one that does have the classification of a liveaboard marina. Just like any other neighborhood, different marinas will have different requirements and distinctions. Investigate these thoroughly so that, for example,  if you are living with a dog on a boat, you will not face any unwanted or unknown penalties or fines. Do your research and be patient when looking for a marina. After all, this is going to be your new home.

Live Comfortably by Equipping Your Boat With Expert Marine Air Systems

One of the most important parts of living on a boat is to ensure that you and any potential guests are always comfortable. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of marine air conditioners. The expertly crafted Mabru air conditioning units are essential to the success of your transition from traditional homeowner to liveaboard boater! See our full list of products or find a dealer near you to get the perfect appliance today.

Interested in learning more from our marine industry professionals? Get in touch with us today or read some of our other articles and get further expert insights today.

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