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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Returns Policy Shipping Information

Q: Who is Drake Marine?

A: Drake Marine International was founded in Europe during 2002, distributing high quality marine products and providing professional services to leading brands in the marine industry. We have since expanded our operations to over six countries across three continents. To discover the nearest Drake Marine office or representative near you, please visit our [Contact Us] page.

Q: Do you sell all the products listed on your website?

A: Drake Maine provides our entire manufactured range globally and our distributed products in their exclusive sales areas

Q: Can you deliver products rapidly?

A: As marine experts, we understand the importance in fast, efficient delivery of marine products. That’s why we go above and beyond to deliver all available stock to you on time, wherever you are.

Q: Do you deliver worldwide?

A: Yes we do. If there are restrictions within certain territories, we’ll work with you to get your orders to you quickly and safely.

Q: Can you service and repair my yacht?

A: Yes we can. Drake Marine is a leading expert for servicing and repairing yachts. Our team of experts have vast experience in building everything from pleasure yachts to military craft. We work to your requirements, whether that means handcrafting and fitting new a deck, or replacing full hydraulic systems. To learn more, please visit our services page.

Q: Can you restock my yacht?

A: Our Concierge service offers a full range of bespoke services to ensure time spent on your yacht is as comfortable as possible. We’ll restock and load your yacht as requested, as well as any other Concierge requirements you may have.

Q: Can you provide crew for my yacht?

A: Yes, we can source and train crew to operate your yacht as required.

Q: I want to bring my vessel from Europe to Asia, can you help me?

A: Yes we can. We specialise in helping clients sail their vessels into a foreign territory hassle free, or we can arrange transportation and unloading ready for your arrival. If you’d like to know more, please [Contact Us] today.

Q: What’s the difference between Drake Marine in Asia compared to other boat suppliers and service providers?

A: The entire management team at Drake Marine are experienced sailors of yachts, super yachts, and/or engineers working on every aspect of sailing and maintenance. We truly believe we are the best when it comes to supplying high quality products and services in Asia. Moreover, we’re extremely passionate about all vessels and will put our best efforts into ensuring your vessel receives the care and attention it deserves.

Q: Do you provide duty free services when ordering products for vessels within certain territories?

A: Yes we do. For example, we have a representative office in the British Virgin Islands as well as representatives in Langkawi, Malaysia. If your vessel is docked in these locations, we can work with you to provide duty free products.

Drake Marine International accepts the following returns:
1) 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
2) Warranty Claim

15 Day Money Back Guarantee
You may at any time within 15 days of purchasing an item through the www.drakemarine.com website return it subject to the following conditions:
a. The goods must be unused, in its original packaging and in re-saleable condition. Please note that opened ‘clam-shell’ packaging is not in re-saleable condition and a partial refund may be assessed.
b. The goods must be a standard product and not of a custom nature – cut cable lengths are of a custom nature and not refundable.
c. You must provide a proof of purchase (a drakemarine.com receipt/invoice)
d. The return must be sent back to drakemarine.com freight paid. We do not accept cash-on-delivery parcels.
e. The 15 Day Money-Back Guarantee is only for orders placed through drakemarine.com and not for orders placed directly with Drake Marine International.
f. You must follow the procedure below. We cannot be held liable for product that has been returned where the procedure has not been followed.
i. Carefully repackage the goods in the shipping cartons provided with the original shipment (or repackage the goods). Please ensure that the product packaging cannot be damaged during shipping. Do not ship back product with a packing label simply applied to the product/product box as the unit would not then be in resalable condition.
ii. Telephone +66 8 0035 2335 or email support@drakemarine.com. Please supply a copy of the drakemarine.com invoice and request an RMA (Return Material Authorisation) Number. We will email you an RMA label. Please affix this to the outside of your package for easy identification in our warehouse.
iii. Please ship via traceable courier or signed for mail delivery, with insurance for your own protection.
iv. On receipt we will inspect the goods and subject to them being accepted, we will refund the cost of your goods less the original carriage charge paid.
v. If the goods are assessed as used or not in resalable condition, we will not be able to offer a refund. The goods will be made available for your collection (or we will charge a return carriage fee). We reserve the right to dispose of any held goods after 30 days if they haven’t been collected or return carriage paid.

Warranty Claim
In the event of the goods being defective, they are covered by the limited warranty offered by the manufacturer of the goods in question. We operate a back-to-back warranty system, we offer our customers the warranties offered by the manufacturer of the goods in question, in line with the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions. Drake Marine International accepts no liability or responsibility for the warranty of the goods in questions, we will do whatever we can to help process your warranty claim with the manufacturers, their decision is final – it is their warranty, not ours. Warranties are subject to the following conditions:
1. Warranties will be accepted only for goods that are defective.
2. Any claims for damage during delivery must be made within 2 working days of the goods being received. We are unable to make a claim against the courier for damage in transit beyond this time. We highly recommend that you unpack and check any packages on receipt to check for any in-transit damage.
3. Warranty shall not be provided if the goods have been damaged in any way by an outside influence (for example physical damage, contamination from water, chemicals etc, mis-use & abuse). In the case of electrical products, this extends to damage caused by heat from terminations not being wired correctly (incorrectly sized cabling, terminals not being tightened to the required torque), short-circuit, lightning, welding on a vehicle or not following the instructions, warnings and caution statements laid out in the products manual.

To claim warranty service, please follow the procedure below:
i. In all cases, please have the product serial number, make, model and proof of purchase available.
ii. Please call our support team on +66 8 0035 2335 or email support@drakemarine.com. In many cases, we are able to diagnose and rectify issues over the telephone or by email.
iii. If the Technical Support Agent is unable to resolve your issue, he/she will provide an RMA (Return Material Authorisation) number. As part of this, you will receive an RMA label that should be affixed to the outside of the shipping carton. Please return the goods to the address provided carriage paid – we are unable to accept cash-on-delivery parcels.
iv. On receipt of your goods we will test and assess them.
v. In the event of the goods being accepted under warranty, we will repair/replace those goods at our discretion, and in-line with the manufacturer’s warranty procedure. Collections of repaired/replaced items are available from our facility in Phuket, Thailand. Alternatively, we will send the repaired/replaced products anywhere you desire at your expense.
vi. If the goods are assessed to be outside of warranty, we will advise of the probable cause and cost of repair/replacement. If you wish to proceed with the repair or replacement, we will charge you the quoted fee plus the cost of return carriage. If you wish to receive back the goods without having them repaired/replaced, they will be made available for your collection (or we can send them back after charging the appropriate carriage fee) – if the goods are not collected/returned within 30 days of receipt we reserve the right to dispose of them.
vii. We will keep you informed throughout the warranty process of your claim. We aim to turn-around warranty claims at the earliest opportunity following receipt at our offices in Phuket.

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