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Pneumatic Rubber Fenders – All Sizes Available

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Our Pneumatic Rubber Fender is made with an extremely heavy duty rubber for the outer layer and features reinforcement from a synthetic-tyre-cord layer as well as another inner rubber layer, all vulcanized together firmly. The outer rubber of Pneumatic Rubber Fender is used to protect the cable and inner rubber from wear and other external forces. This rubber compound has sufficient tensile and tear resistance, which can withstand the anticipated weather conditions and extremely harsh service found in commercial applications.



1.Low surface pressure: with low reaction and High Energy Absorption Rate.

2.Low transportation costs: pneumatic fenders can be deflated and folded for transport.

3.Easy operation: Ease of handling and good buoyancy, with easy installation & maintenance free operation.

4.Excellent performance: Featuring exceptional compression-resistance and elasticity.

5.Application: Our Rubber Fenders is apt with the Large and small tides, which is suitable for areas with tidal differences.


Available in a huge range of sizes to suit all applications:

Diameter: 500mm to 4500mm

Length: 1000mm to 12000mm

We can customise any size for your specific requirements within above range.



Ship to ship transfers at seas.

Double banking operation as well as vessel to berth at dock/jetty.

Oil & gas tankers.

Temporary and permanent installations.

Rapid response and emergencies.

Liquid cargo and naval defense vessels.


0.5 – 4.5 meters


1 – 12 meters

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