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Foam Filled Fenders – All Sizes Available

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Our Foam Filled Fenders are constructed from 100% closed cells foam and are also feature embedded layers of high tenacity fabrics, all applied with the hot sprayed method, this ensures each fender is extremely abrasion resistant. This construction technique makes them ideal for applications such as ship to ship, between ships and docks, or using them as dolphins.
Foam filled fenders are the perfect solution for storm conditions, having the potential to outperform pneumatic units during extremely severe weather. Additionally, since the internal construction consists of a solid foam core, there is no need to maintain air pressure, and there are no inflation valves as found with out pneumatic fenders. They are ideal for existing structures and all hull types. The polyurethane (reinforced with nylon cord) materials used for the protective outer layer provide ample protection and ensure the lifespan of the fenders is unbeatable.



1. Foam Core

The closed cell polyurethane foam core used inside offers unsinkable ability during operation.

2. Nylon Cord Fabrics

The nylon cord fabrics is specifically designed to seal foam inside and to prevent any leakage.

3. Polyurethane Spraying Coating

Polyurethane coating is permanent spray on coatings that protect the surface of fender body. It is more durable than rubber and flexible in all weather conditions; no softening in heat or becoming brittle in cold. Dent, scratch and chemical resistant.


Available in a huge range of sizes to suit all applications:

Diameter: 300mm to 4500mm (0.3m – 4.5m)

Length: 800mm to 9000mm (0.8m – 9m)

We can customise any size for your specific requirements within above range.


Foam Fender Main Applications:

·Cruise ships

·Container vessels

·Cruise ships and ferries

·Oil and gas tankers

·General cargo

·Navy berths

·Ship-to-ship transfers


0.3 – 4.5 meters


0.8 – 9 meters

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