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Hover Foil H5


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The Hover Foil H5:  From mild to wild, swimmer to surfer, Hover Foil Awaits!

Hover Foil H5 is totally controlled with the wireless waterproof hand controller and cruises at mind blowing speeds up to 35 km/h (22 mph), this Hover Foil H5 is an easy to use and beginner friendly recreational electric hydrofoil surfboard. The Hover Foil H5 gives the sensation of flying over water, carves like a snowboard in fresh powder, but with the freedom to ride anywhere, anytime, without wind or waves. It’s fast, quiet, and emission free.

You won’t forget your first time foiling. Wings fly below while you soar above. Almost anyone can learn, yet engaging for even the most experienced water-sports athletes.


Every aspect of the H5 has been designed to bring you hours of fun on the water with minimal maintenance. Designed by a team of industry experts from around the world resulting in outstanding design, engineering, craftsmanship and materials, further refined for high performance, ease of use and durability. Manufactured from Carbon Fiber Composites and Aluminum Alloys, you can be sure Hover Foil H5 is built to perform, strong and light weight

○ 40 – 60 minutes run time

○ Easy to operate with low resistance

○ Easy to keep balance

○ Control direction and perform different maneuvers

Easy Operation

Starting the product in just two steps – Jump on the board in 3 ft of water or more, select your speed and go!! The custom designed (waterproof) handheld remote provides intuitive control, from there you can go up and down in speed, carve beautiful smooth turns, and explore while you soar above the water!

Ten-Way Speed Control

Hover Foil H5 has 10 speeds ranging from 0 – 35 km/h (0 – 22 mph). The default is low speed.

Easy to store, quick to prepare for use, and light to move around

At only 30 kgs the Hover Foil is extremely easy to move around, the interchangeable components give endless options for transport and storage!

Attach your GoPro for the perfect memories!

Hover Foil has the plenty of space to attach your GoPro (or other underwater camera) allowing endless underwater recording creating memories that last a lifetime.

Fly Beyond with Hover Foil H5



Contact us for details!


*Please use the Hover Foil to your abilities, this is an extreme sports product with high speed features. It’s use can be prone to danger, it is intended to be used by an adult and with caution.

Maximum Speed

Up to 35 km/h (22 mph)

10 Speed Levels

0-35 km/h (0-22 mph)


30Ah Lithium Battery

Operating Time

40-60 min

Charging Time

2-3 hours

Maximum Power



DC 36.0 – 50.4 V

Height Above Water

0-70 cm (0-2.3 ft)


180 cm x 70 cm x 30


Short Board 30kg, Long Board 32kg (inc battery)


White, Blue, Green, Red

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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