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Unbreakable Pull Starter Cord – diamondgrip™

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Diamond Grip Cord Amazon UK Diamond Grip Cord Amazon USA

The Pull Starter Cord & Handle Built To Outlast Your Equipment

Diamond Performance is proud to introduce diamondgrip™, the strongest and most technologically advanced high performance pull cord handle in the world. Our diamondgrip™ pull cord handles come packaged with diamondcord™ unbreakable pull start cord and are available in two sizes and a variety of colors. The handles are versatile and suitable for any small engine application including lawnmowers, trimmers, and chainsaws. Don’t risk down time and safety with inferior quality products. A diamondgrip™ handle will outlast any piece of equipment you use it with, and it is backed by our lifetime guarantee.

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  • SLEEK DESIGN: diamondgrip™ is an attractive alternative to stock pull cord handles.
  • CUSTOM COLORS: diamondgrip™ can be produced in custom colors to compliment your equipment.
  • IMPACT RESISTANT: diamondgrip™ has excellent impact resistance and can handle harsh environments.
  • NON CORROSIVE: A significant benefit of diamondgrip™ is its anticorrosive properties. It will survive marine and extremely corrosive environments.
  • DURABLE: diamondgrip™ is designed for use with diamondcord™ and is built to outlast your equipment.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: diamondgrip™ is designed for a strong and comfortable grip in any pull start application.


Diamond Cord

Diamond Cord

lawn mower cord generator cord starter cord starter cord replacement

Diamond Grip

diamondgrip™ High Perfromance Pull Cord Handle


Stock & After-Market Pull Cord Handles

Stock pull cord handles are typically made of plastic which will wear down easily with repeated use. diamondgrip™ high performance pull cord handle is composed of high-strength engineered resin that will stand the test of time and present a comfortable grip experience. As the strongest starter high performance pull cord handle in the world, diamondgrip™ also outperforms any after-market pull cord handles, including custom billet aluminum models for snowmobiles.

Diamond Grip

diamondgrip pull start cord stater rope

Diamond Grip

By choosing diamondgrip™ you are set for life with the last replacement pull cord handle you will ever buy.

The applications for high performance pull cord handles are endless, lawn mower starter rope, outboard starter rope, atv starter rope, chain saw pull cords, basically any recoil starter rope can be replaced.

All of our products are built to be unbreakable and are backed by our lifetime guarantee.

This high performance pull cord handle is just one product in a range of many. Diamond Performance have a wide range of products available, each and every one designed and manufactured with the same exceptionally high quality components you’ve come to expect from the Diamond Performance Brand. By choosing a Diamond Performance product you are committing to buying the best of the best, we stand by are products and are proud of the quality we have achieved.


Contact us for further details!

starter cord starter rope rope start lawn mower cord generator cord

starter cord starter rope rope start lawn mower cord generator cord starter cord starter rope rope start lawn mower cord generator cord starter cord starter rope rope start lawn mower cord generator cord starter cord starter rope rope start lawn mower cord generator cord starter cord starter rope rope start lawn mower cord generator cord starter cord starter rope rope start lawn mower cord generator cord

This is suitable for any starter cord, starter rope, rope start applications such as lawn mower cord and generator cord.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 41 × 27 × 28.5 cm

Orange & Black, Silver & Black


Large Grip – 3 Finger Handle – 3.20mm x 2.3m Cord, Small Grip – 2 Finger Handle – 2.80mm x 1m Cord

Box Quantity

12, 48

Diamond Performance no-hassle guarantee!

Isn’t it annoying when you pay for something, and then it doesn’t work or it breaks after you bought it?

Even worse, when you contact the company who sold you the product, they don’t do anything to make it right.

They simply shrug it off, mumble a meaningless apology, or worse yet, they make it sound like it was your fault!

You’ll never be treated that way in dealing with us!  


We offer a no-hassle, lifetime guarantee on all product lines we sell!

And when we say no-hassle, we mean it! If you have an issue with any diamond Performance product we provided, this is what we’ll do:

  • If our products break or fail, in any way, due to a manufacturing defect or natural wear and tear, we replace it at no cost to you, period!
  • Simply send us a picture of the failed product and we’ll immediately ship out a replacement ( zero shipping cost to you! ), and that’s how we offer a truly hassle-free guarantee.


We stand by our products with what we believe is the best No Hassle Guarantee in the world!

Your call is important to us!
Most companies make getting a replacement under warranty difficult just because they won’t answer your call, email, etc.

                                                                         At Diamond Performance, that’s never the case!

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1 review for Unbreakable Pull Starter Cord – diamondgrip™

  1. B.C. Forestry Consulting

    Thank you for you recent supply of Diamond pull cords. As one of B.C.’s largest forestry consultants, we use and heavily rely on over 200 different small machines, all requiring a pull cord. Currently we’ve installed your cords on some of our chain saws and are in the process of changing our water pumps over for the upcoming fire season.

    In our business, any lost time due to a faulty cord is both frustrating and costly. Everything revolves around this simple concept, which has been designed to fail.

    This winter will be the ultimate test for us when we’ll test on our Tundra snowmobiles. (I’ll forward you the lengths and diameters required). The current cords supplied from the manufacture do not hold up for long due to the extreme weather conditions and over use. I’ve lost count on missed production deadlines not being met due to these types of breakdowns.

    I’ve asked our crews for feedback and so far it’s all been positive.

    I’ll keep you both informed of any malfunctions and wish you all the success your product should bring.