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Ultrasonic Antifoul – Power Plus – Hull


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The benefits of using Ultrasonic Antifoul – Advanced technology to prevent fouling:

A Clear Hull…

  • Better hull performance: Maintain hull speed through the water during the season and enjoy the performance with faster passage times and greater maneuverability.
  • Save fuel: A fouled hull puts the engines under much more load and can use up to 30% more fuel to push it through the water …a significant factor for motorboats!
  • Reduce lift outs, mid-season scrubs and hull re-painting: With the Ultrasonic Antifoul system installed on your boat helping to maintaining the hull speed and performance, the need to lift out and scrub the hull where it has become fouled when using only an antifouling paint, is dramatically reduced. Lifting out and having a hull scrub mid-season unnecessarily removes much of your good antifouling paint, so the hull is less protected for the future!
  • Extend the time before re-painting your hull using the Ultra System.
  • Cost Effective: An Ultrasonic anti foul system will soon pay for itself when you take into account fuel savings, reduced lift-outs and hull maintenance and repainting costs.
  • Environmentally friendly: You’ll be doing your bit for the environment as there are no pollutants associated with this method of preventative antifouling. It is also completely harmless to humans, animals, fish and marine mammals.

Clean Sea Chests & Seawater Pipework…

  • Reduce Maintenance: With an ultrasonic antifouling system fitted to your sea chests and seawater pipework you’ll remove the need to scub strainer baskets and flush seawater pipework with harsh chemicals to remove the build up of marine growth – and engineers dream!
  • Reduce Downtime: By reducing the maintenance required you will also reduce the downtime considerably.
  • Improve flow rates to essential equipment: Raw water cooling performance is critical to the reliability of your essential marine equipment, by keeping the pipework clean and clear you can ensure your essential equipment continues to operate efficiently and correctly, as intended by the manufacturer.
  • Reduce Costs: Reducing maintenance, downtime, and keeping your essential equipment operating correctly will reduce short term and long term costs associated with raw water pipework maintenance.

Whats in the box?

Ultrasystem PowerPlus Hull – 3 or 4 transducer high power system

The pack includes:

  • 1x Ultrasonic High Power Control unit
  • 3 or 4 x Transducers
  • 3 or 4 x Transducer Mounting Rings
  • 3 or 4 x Transducer Cables
  • 1x Silicone Grease
  • 1x Installation, Operation, and Warranty Manual.

Note: The DC system operates on both 12 and 24VDC, AC system operates in the range of 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz.


The installation of the UltraSystem PowerPlus is very simple and can be undertaken by any competent engineer.

The designed engineered features of the transducer, its mounting ring and pipe bracket provide ease of installation. Waterproof cables and connectors simply connect to the transducers and control unit.

The control box simply mounts on a convenient bulkhead or systems panel, while the cables for both power supply and transducers simply connect to the sockets.

No complex configuration is necessary as the UltraSystem automatically runs its initialisation procedure and provides the required output of effective ultrasonic protection.


How Ultrasonic Antifoul Works to Prevent Growth

Here’s the science….

Water borne micro-organisms and bacteria attach and multiply to the submerged hull area creating bio-film layer ‘slime’. Algae cells also attach in the same way and develop into complex marine structures known as seaweeds. This eco-system provides an ideal food source and environment for growth including colonisation of barnacles formed from juvenile cyprid larvae assessing suitable surfaces to attach on.Ultrasonic Antifoul


The Ultrasonic Antifoul system works by emitting a specific and scientifically researched low powered pulsed ultrasonic frequencies from a digital control unit, via transducers that are in direct contact with the inside of the hull. The hull acts as a sound board, carrying the sound waves, creating a microscopic environment of moving water molecules over the entire underwater profile of the hull. As a result growth is prevented as the cell structures of the algae and micro-organisms are targeted and cannot survive.


While sound waves are resonating throughout the hull form because the transducers are directly fixed to the hull inside, the stern gear (propellers, shafts and drives) are acoustically isolated from the sound within the hull, due to the seals used in their attachment. However, in the proximity of the transducer, the ultrasound signal also dissipates out into the water in an 180o arc below the hull surface. With correct positioning of transducers, the system can also help to some degree in keeping the stern gear clear, although not quite so effectively as the hull.

Not everything described as slime on a hull is bio-film.  It can consist of dead matter that is floating in the water and sticks on, it can also be dead matter from the process of the ultrasonic system.  This non-living matter is not attached, just stuck on and the movement of the hull through the water or a light brush can easily remove it.
The program of specific frequencies and harmonics scientifically designed to destroy the various fouling organisms is unique to the Ultra System Series II.



Contact us for further details!

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 50 cm

12VDC & 24VDC, 110VAC & 230VAC

Number of Transducers

3, 4


8 kg

Manufacturers Warranty

Control Unit – 2 Year

Transducers – 5 Year

The UltraSystem PowerPlus control unit is supplied with a 2 year warranty, while our advanced transducers have a 5 year warranty. This is attributed by the reliability of our systems, the high build standards adopted at our own manufacturing facility in Europe, and not being limited to other third party warranties.

Furthermore, our clients can expect continued support and service during and outside the warranty period worldwide.


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