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Fullriver FF Series – General Purpose AGM


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Fullriver General Purpose AGM Batteries

Fullriver General Purpose AGM batteries are a true dual-purpose battery. Like all of the batteries in the Fullriver line-up, Full Force is designed to meet the highest standards. The batteries incorporate thick-plates of pure virgin lead (99.994%), in a tough case with zero chance of leaks or spills.


For use in almost any application, the battery pairs well with dual-purpose needs like Marine and RV.


Fullriver Battery, “The One that Works”.


General Purpose AGM Features & Benefits

Long Lifespan – Full Force AGM batteries typically last longer than their wet cell counterparts due to 99.994% pure virgin lead, thick plates, and maintenance free design. The FFD Series offers approx. 800 cycles @ 50% DOD.Fast Charging – Our AGM technology’s low ESR allows for charge rates up to 35% of total Ah for faster charging.

Built Stronger – Full Force AGM is built with thick pure lead plates and Over-The-Partition welds which greatly increase resistance to vibration and shock.

Flexible Installation – AGM batteries can be installed in any orientation, except upside-down, which allows you to fit them in places traditional wet cell batteries can’t. AGM batteries are recombinant and do not off-gas like traditional wet cell batteries which means you can mount them within the cabin.

Worry-Free Transportation – Fullriver AGM batteries are all classified as Non-Dangerous (NON-DG) goods, and are ALL considered safe for Land, Sea and Air transit.


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Fullriver Battery Manual                    Charging Instructions

FFD35-12 Data Sheet

FFD55-12 Data Sheet

FFD80-12 Data Sheet

FFD100-12 Data Sheet

FFD110-12 Data Sheet

FFD200-12 Data Sheet

FFD260-12 Data Sheet


Drake Marine International has been supplying Fullriver batteries since 2007,

when you purchase a Fullriver battery you can be assured you are receiving a thoroughly tried and test solution.


Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 330 × 180 × 250 cm

35Ah – U1 (FFD35-12), 55Ah – 22NF (FFD55-12), 80Ah – 24T (FFD80-12), 100Ah – 27T (FFD100-12), 110Ah – 31T (FFD110-12), 200Ah – 4D (FFD200-12), 260Ah – 8D (FFD260-12)

Data Sheet Download

Please see links at the bottom of the 'description' page for data sheets containing full specifications.

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