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Electric Propulsion Systems

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Turn key electrification solutions throughout APAC.


Electric Propulsion ControlComplete electric propulsion systems to suit all applications, all budgets, and for all sizes of marine craft. Whether you need clean reliable power for leisure or commercial use, we have the solutions. Our smallest system starts at just 50kW, with many motor options up to 6’000kW. Speeds range between 600 rpm and 9200 rpm, our high torque, high efficiency motors cover a very wide range of operation.




Not just another component supplier

Onboard CommissioningOur team of system integration specialists work with you from design to execution, assisting at every step of the way. Our experienced design team will evaluate the vessels hull dynamics and operational requirements to select the perfect motor for the application. This is matched with a high-efficiency propulsion converter, and controlled by a user friendly propulsion control system. Active front-end technology eliminates the need for large, heavy, and costly power transformers, minimising harmonic noise on a ship’s electrical distribution system. Hotel loads are quantified and the DC Link cabinet designed for each application to suit the layout of the vessel, its available space for batteries, and locations of the motors – not just a generic off the shelf solution. Onshore system tests are carried out to verify correct operation before working closely with the shipyard to ensure integration of our systems into the hull is carried out in the most efficient manner possible, considering not only electrical performance but also installation time and costs. Our team are on hand to provide installation of the project pilot vessels, and training for the chosen shipyard building the hulls. Each system can be commissioned onboard, and checked at regular service intervals to suit the operational plan.

ReliabilityReliability, Built In

With a MTBF greater than 25’000 hours, and an MTTR of less than 3 hours – our systems are the reliable choice for your commercial applications.

Our system design features separate bus bars for port and starboard systems, providing redundancy should problems be encountered. Both bus bars are connected with fused-bus-tie. If either of either side of the system were to experience an issue the faulty section would rapidly cut off to ensure the other side could work normally. In this situation full hotel power and half the propulsion power ensures the vessel is not stranded and can return to port effectively.


Management SystemsManagement & Control

With separate Power Management System (PMS) and Propulsion Control System (PCS) integrated into the DC bus, the PMS connects propulsion inverters and to the Battery Management System (BMS) to collect the real time information allowing the PMS to calculate the total load onboard and the State Of Charge (SOC) of the battery bank. With this information the PM will control the energy flow of the onboard grid and limit any non-essential loads accordingly. The PMS provides the operator with remaining mileage. All equipment onboard is covered by the Alarm Management System (AMS). All alarms are displayed on the Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) display panel for ease of use.

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