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Boracol Teak Deck Treatment

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Boracol : Kills algae, mold, woodworm and wet rots

BORACOL teak deck treatment is a fantastic product for cleaning and restoring your yachts teak deck.   A simple easy application will see your slippery mold / algae covered teak deck restored to it’s former glory of a smooth silvery finish. Boracol teak deck treatment is recommended by Halberg Rassy and X-yachts to the owners of their yachts to treat their decks. Boracol can also be used to clean many other surfaces such as fibre glass, boat covers. Boracol is a fantastic wood treatment for termites and the best wood treatment for mold.

Simple application:

1. Wash down to remove all dirt and coatings . Allow the surface to dry out until just damp.
2. Apply one coat of Boracol by brush, roller or spray, til refusal ( that is visibly wet on the surface but not running off ). Avoid any run off to other areas.
3. Allow the surface to dry out until just damp.
4. Apply a second coat of Boracol til refusal
5. Coverages tend to vary but usage rates are normally 2 to 4 sq m per litre

Do the work on a dry day. If it rains too much the product will be washed away. It doesn’t matter if it’s drizzling the next day . The surface being just damp will help the the product penetrate into the wood. Please note there is not always a positive result immediately.

Boracol can also be used for:

1. As a surface biocide to eradicate and inhibit organic growth (algae, mold and lichen) on soft wood decking, patios, fences and many substrates.

2. As a wood preservative, wood treatment against woodworm (Anobium punctatum) and other wood boring insects.

3. As a wood preservative, wood treatment against wood rotting fungi

Boracol Teak Deck Treatment

Boracol Teak Deck Treatment has been used as a wood treatment for mold on super yachts and as a wood treatment for termites and other boring insects in the construction industry. Boracol is totally safe and environmentally friendly making it easy and simply to use. The results are fantastic and long lasting.


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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 40 cm
Container Size

5 Litre


Brush – 1 Litre to 2 – 4 sqm
Coarse Spray – Litre to 2 – 4 sqm

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