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AquaBanas – Bana Cities


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Who are AquaBanas

Based out of Orlando, Florida, AquaBanas was formed to offer an exciting new way to enjoy the water from yachts, resorts, hotels, restaurants, bars, sand bars, and many other water front venues worldwide.

Designed and built by a team of inflatable professionals with over 100 years combined experience of building the worlds most well known inflatable brands, you can be assured that our quality and service after the sale will be exceptional!

What are AquaBanas

AquaBanas are inter-connectable lifestyle oriented inflatable decks that provide a new way for people of all ages to relax on the water. Connect multiple decks together to form BanaCities that are only limited by your imagination. Quick Step entries offer easy access, and ballast bags keep them stable.
Optional tents provide shade as well as a place to mount the optional JBL Extreme II speaker and light. There’s even a battery powered fan to keep air moving on stagnant days, and side walls that con provide added shade and privacy.
AquaBanas have thought about everything!


100 1 1

Create Bana Cities!

All AquaBanas decks and tents are designed to interconnect with each other in almost any direction. Create Bana Cities that are limited only by your imagination!

Contact an AquaBanas expert to see how they can help you create a perfect Bana City to fit your needs.


People – 34

Dogs – 2-3

1400 Square Feet on the water!

1 – Doggie Bana

2 – Command Bana

3 – Workout Bana

4 – PWC Bana

5 – Splash Bana680

6 – Dinning Bana – 86”

7 – Dinning Bana – 48 “

8 – Swim Up Bana

9 – Floating Oasis

10 – Floating Oasis

100 2

726 Square Feet of fun on water!

Swing Bana

Dinning Bana

Splash 340 Bana

Swim Up Bana

PWC Bana

100 3

320 Square Feet of fun on the water!

Dining Bana

Splash 340 Bana

100 4

770 Square Feet of fun on the water!

Swim Up Bar Bana

Command Bana

Spa Bana

Workout Bana

48” Dining Bana

Swing Bana


* Aqua Cities are custom, if you purchase this product you will receive an Aqua Bana’s product catalogue and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.



People: 1 – 34
Dogs: 1 – 3


Flag Blue, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Red, Dark Gray, Light Grey, Yellow, Lime Green, White, Black, Pink, Brown

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