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Aqua Jet H2

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The Aqua Jet H2:  First Aircraft-style Wings Underwater Scooter For Everyone

Aqua Jet H2 combines modern technology with intelligent design to create a diving experience unheard of before in the world of DPV’s. The Aqua Jet features revolutionary wings modeled after the wings found on the most aerodynamic planes to allow the Aqua Jet to fly through the water with ease.

We also developed a smart internal motor to drive the Aqua Jet H2 with variable speeds and advanced safety controls.

Additionally, the positive buoyancy allows for a quick ascent to the surface in case of emergency or if the rider needs a breath of fresh air.


The wings of the Aqua Jet were based on the wings on the most powerful planes in the world for a streamlined experience with reduced resistance and minimal fatigue for the operators.

To offset the torque generated from the rotation of the motor and propeller, the tail’s bottom grille board features an arch shape design which provides maximum horizontal stability and a smooth control experience.

○ 50 – 100 minutes run time

○ Easy to operate with low resistance

○ Easy to keep balance

○ Control direction and perform different maneuvers

Perfect fun for all ages!

The Aqua Jet is perfect for all ages, either cruise on the surface enjoying the view, take a snorkel with you and check out the life below, or dive deep and explore the ocean! There are so many possibilities to enjoy your time in the water with the Aqua Jet H2 – truly fun for all the family!

Easy Operation

Starting the product in just two steps – Users press the left handle switch and keeping pressing while switching the speed control button on the right. Easily control the direction – AquaJet Dive H2 turns left , right, upward, downward, rotation and other directions by moving your body.

Three-Way Speed Control

Aqua Jet Dive H2 has  3 speeds; Low, Medium, and high. The default is low speed.

Easy to store, quick to prepare for use, and light to move around

At only 14 kgs the Aqua Jet is extremely easy to move around, storage is taken care of by the free backpack included with the product, and you can be ready for action in less than 5 minutes; simply attaching the wings you’re ready to fly!

Attach your GoPro for the perfect memories!

Aqua Jet has the perfect facility to attach your GoPro (or other underwater camera) allowing endless underwater recording creating memories that last a lifetime.

Fly Beyond with Aqua Jet H2



Contact us for details!


*Please use the Aqua Jet to your abilities, diving requires specific training and you should consult a professional if this is how you would like to enjoy your purchase.

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm
Maximum Speed

Up to 3.6 km/h over water/Up to 9 km/h under water

3 Speed Levels

4 km/h;6km/h;9 km/h


400Wh, 15Ah Lithium Battery

Operating Time

50-100 min

Maximum Depth


Safe Diving Depth

5m (beginner) 10m (intermediate) 20m (pro)

Charging Time

4-5 hours (standard), 2-3 hours (fast)

Maximum Power



DC 23-29.4V

Cruising Range



106 x 68 x 29cm


14kg (inc battery)


White, Blue, Grey

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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1 review for Aqua Jet H2

  1. Richard

    These are soooo good! We’ve bought loads of them, they’re now on every one of our boats!!