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Drake Marine's
NautaCare Program
Drake Marine has been in the yacht management and repair business in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years.

Our extensive knowledge of ship systems and their maintenance requirements has allowed us to develop
NautaCare, a unique program that is designed to assist busy owners in monitoring the condition, security and maintenance requirements of their vessel.

What is NautaCare and How Does It Work?

NautaCare is designed around the needs and time pressures of the boat owner and alleviates the work and worry in owning a boat.

Most modern vessels have many complicated systems designed for their owner's safety, comfort and enjoyment - each with their own particular requirements for monitoring and maintenance. Our trained staff will relieve you of the burden of inspecting vital systems by using a systematic list of inspections performed on a quarterly basis.

Your customized NautaCare program will be designed to:
* Reduce downtime due to unexpected failures
*Save money by helping to
reduce costly repairs
*Reduce your anxiety about keeping up with complicated systems
and warranty requirements
*Allow you to
enjoy your vessel while we worry about keeping it in top operating condition

Who is this for?
NautaCare is a service invaluable to owners of private yachts, commercial craft and even small fishing boats. We service any sail, motor or electrical boats from 18'-70'.
What does the inspection cover?
Each inspection is unique to your vessel's needs and equipment. Our comprehensive equipment checklist covers the exterior, safety equipment, electronics, pumps, plumbing, engine, dinghy and any additional accessories or systems requiring monitoring or maintenance.

How much does it cost?
Depending on equipment, accessories, size of the vessel and any special requests from the owner, the cost of each inspection ranges from $100-$500. For example:

*50' twin diesel engine with one generator & typical equipment/accessories would range from $250-$300
*40' sailboat single engine with typical equipment and accessories would range between $125-$200
*18' electric cruiser with typical equipment and accessories would cost $100

One of our technicians will meet with you aboard your vessel, free of charge, to design a comprehensive inspection checklist that meets your individual needs. At that time, they will also review costs and create an inspection schedule that works for you and your lifestyle.

How do I get started?
To begin the enrollment process, call Drake Marine at 650.588.3015 or email us (